At Neerim South 2nd Hand Store, our stock comes from local people in the district. People who are looking for an easy and convenient way to get cash for things they are upgrading, no longer use or need.


We buy everything from, home entertainment, antiques, sports gear, musical instruments, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, tools, house lots and a whole lot more. Before an item hits the shop floor it is checked and tested to make sure it works the way it should. So you can buy with total confidence.


Jump onto the online store even though its under construction products will be added everyday until we have every item on display that is in our store at Queen St Neerim South.


The best part is, it is all affordable and cheaper than buying brand new – so once you see it, you can buy it. One mans second hand purchase is money saved in the pocket! (Also a lot of fun).




We have something for everyone so come down and have a browse, you will be surprised what we have on offer.

Monday to Friday – 10am till 4pm
Saturday – 9am till 2pm

41-43 Queen Street, Neerim South, 3831

0456 818 787